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The Nutrition Show

May 6, 2020

Is organic food better than conventionally grown food? Find out why supporting organic farming might just benefit both you and the planet.

- Why is it important to eat/buy organic?
- How do organic & sustainable farming practices benefit the environment?
- How does organic farming help human health?
- What's soil got to do with it?
- Can bacteria be good?
- Are all celery stalks equal?
- Does Starbucks sell Kumquats?

1. Can I wash OFF pesticides? Yes. Kind of. Thoroughly rinsing can help reduce pesticide residues. You can also soak in white vinegar or try this produce spray:
  a. Biokleen Produce Wash:

2. There are farmers out there who may not be "certified organic" but who are still practicing sustainable and regenerative agriculture modes of farming, like the folks at Skinny Kitty Farms ( Talk to your farmers about their farming techniques!

3. References about benefits of Organic:
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