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The Nutrition Show

May 30, 2018

This show is all about SMOOTHIES! Check out this episode to find out the one ingredient that Mary loves to include in her smoothies that you would normally find in a burrito. PLUS: The Weekly Lifestyle Challenge!

3 Top Reasons Why Smoothies Are So Great

How To Make A Smoothie

Smoothie Base
Fruit in your smoothie

May 16, 2018

Host Mary Purdy, RD talks with Sara Dean, a fitness professional, author and speaker. They discuss how to feel awesome in your skin by moving a little (or a lot) each day. PLUS: The Weekly Challenge!

What Is The Relationship Between Nutrition And Moving Your Body
‚óŹ Impacts on the rest of your life

How To Shift Your...

May 2, 2018

Your microbiome is essential for many functions of the body. In this episode, host Mary Purdy gives us five things we can do to keep our gut bacteria happy and healthy. PLUS: The Weekly Challenge!

How Can You Improve Your Microbiome?
What foods do your microbiota like best?
What can you do to avoid...